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Oracle Database Development, Administration

Hands-on technical leader and Chartered Engineer with extensive experience driving the performance of diverse IT systems for a wide variety of organizations. Certified Oracle professional adept at devising innovative solutions to entrenched technical challenges. Skilled at aligning technology capabilities and functionality with big picture end user needs and business requirements. Known for a continuous commitment to delivering accurate, relevant, highly useable technical systems on time and on budget.



Oracle 9i / 10g / 11g Database Administrator Certified Professional


Oracle Advanced PL/SQL Developer Certified Professional · Oracle Forms Certified Professional


Oracle SQL · Oracle PL/SQL · Oracle Forms & Reports · IBM: AIX · HP: HPUX · DEC: Ultrix, VMS

Intel: Windows, Linux · Unix · Java Programming & Web Development




Weight Watchers, Back Office Support Systems, New York, NY · 2013

Weight Loss organisation founded more than 50 years ago and now operating in more than 30 countries

Oracle Developer

Designed and implemented complex packages to interface with other corporate systems in HR and ERP. Wrote validation routines to trap and log invalid data from other systems while accepting all valid records. Performed system wide analyses to determine impact of restructuring various parts of the database using scripts and ref cursors to generate recursive code to conduct the analysis as expeditiously as possible. Refactored packages where necessary to achieve required performance gains, in some cases achieving improvements of 50 times as fast or better. Wrote new forms and modified existing code in Oracle Forms 10.


Credit Agricole, Financial and Commercial Banking Systems, New York, NY · 2011-2012

Major French Bank with global operations

Oracle Developer

Modified and enhanced existing SQL and PL/SQL code and developed new code for changed requirements. Building on Oracle experience dating from the mid-1990s, optimized time consuming code to fit more comfortably into the available batch window – most notably cutting one program’s execution time from a typical 2 hours to less than 5 minutes. Advised and assisted DBA in resolution and remediation of system execution failures. Along with other team members, provided production support for multiple databases, including VLDBs.


New York University, School of Continuing and Professional Studies, New York, NY · 2010-2011

Prominent University serving 40,000 students locally in Greenwich Village and around the world

Oracle Developer

Initial task was to identify and validate source code of legacy Oracle Forms 6 application in anticipation of new, longer course codes. Subsequently worked on converting several other interfaces to draw data from new central PeopleSoft system.  While waiting for current data from new system, synthesized test data from current data in old format and projected mappings to new system.  Developed automated test routines to highlight discrepancies in test outputs. Collaborated with DBA to devise, code, test, and implement audit routines and procedures. Achieved Oracle Advanced PL/SQL Developer Certified Professional.


DULCIAN, INC., Woodbridge, New Jersey · 2007-2009

Oracle consultancy specializing in data warehousing and the development of Web- and client-server systems supporting the Oracle environment.

Senior Developer

Leveraged expert-level knowledge in an array of Oracle tools, including Oracle Forms, Reports, Loader, SQL, and PL/SQL, in the development of a wide variety of programs and scripts. Made senior-level contributions to system analysis and design projects as well as to quality assurance efforts.

·             Slashed processing time 90% on a critical batch update program, conceiving a strategy to break this sizeable task into small sub-tasks to dramatically speed buffering.

·             Achieved significant savings in testing time, speeding the process and improving the accuracy of generating code changes, by devising a code repository to enable the generation of entire blocks of code.

·             Recognized for exceptional performance and leadership with selection to serve as a mentor to new employees.

·             Completed requirements for and recognized by Oracle as Certified Professional DBA 11g.


COUNTY OF WESTCHESTER, White Plains, New York · 2004-2007

Upstate county bordering New York City and serving one of the state’s most affluent populations.


Retained well beyond an initial 3-month contract to enhance the performance of a wide variety of Oracle-based systems. Analyzed existing system operations to identify root causes, developed project plans, and executed numerous strategic IT improvement initiatives.

Turned around the performance of the county’s system for managing employment applications, increasing the speed of several functions up to 10 times and incorporating enhanced functionalities, by resolving existing issues within numerous application features.

·         Cut the time to upload HR data into the Oracle budget system from 2 weeks to just a few hours by correcting a core issue with foreign key constraints affecting data entry.

·         Dramatically enhanced the functionality of the budget system for the county’s budget planners, reducing processing time for projections 96% by removing redundancies and transforming views to a PL/SQL-based process.

·         Using Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), assisted DBA in identifying and remedying performance issues in several Oracle systems (versions 8i, 9i, and 10g).

·         Using own personal development/training lab, constructed and configured RAC 9i system using Firewire dual-ported disk on Linux platform. Subsequently completed Oracle's course in RAC 9i. Also passed required exams and achieved Oracle Certified Professional as DBA 9i and DBA 10g.



BEAMFIX LIMITED, London, United Kingdom · 1988-2003

Independent IT consultancy serving clients in the government, business, and non-profit realms.


Director & Principal Consultant

Served as a subject matter expert in software systems, providing design, coding, testing, improvement, and maintenance services for a wide variety of client systems. Spearheaded client engagements through the complete project life cycle, from initial business requirements gathering and systems analysis through final launch and ongoing maintenance.


·         For start-up Health Web Site, Project WisDoc, in role as DBA, installed, configured, and maintained Oracle 8i database. In role as Developer, developed code using Oracle’s PL/SQL web cartridge to serve up web pages consisting of dynamically generated HTML, Javascript and images.

·         Transformed the Society of Chemical Industry client’s membership database system, designing and implementing a high performance Oracle-based relational database system from the ground up. In role as DBA, initially installed and configured Oracle version 6. Subsequently upgraded this to Version 7 and later to version 8. Performed all DBA activities at this site for 10 years.

·         Overhauled the performance of Nynex Cable Company’s data warehouse load, reducing the procedure time from 2 weeks to 10 hours.

·         Significantly enhanced client-server operations for a key client with the development of a highly functional Intranet.

·         Consistently delivered client programs on time, on budget, and to specifications, developing a strong, repeat client portfolio of such organizations as IBM, Computer Management Group, and Friskies/Spillers Petfoods (later to become part of Nestlé).



REAL TIME SYSTEMS, Brisbane, Australia · 1978-1988

Independent IT consultancy serving clients in the business, industry, and non-profit realms.


Principal Consultant

Performed a wide range of exciting and challenging IT roles from Business & Systems analysis through programming in various assemblers and 3-GLs (and some machine code) to the intricate details of wide-area communications before TCP/IP.





Bachelor of Science in Psychology & Computer Science


Bachelor of Arts in Greek & Philosophy

University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia


Fellow, British Computer Society


European Engineer (Eur.Ing.), European Federation of National Engineering Associations


Chartered Engineer (C.Eng), United Kingdom Engineering Council


Member, Australian Computer Society