Real Time Systems was founded in the late 70s.             Since the early 80s Walter Spring (email) has been RTS's principal consultant.

Walter began his engineering studies at the same time as his father. Walter was 4 at the time. Here he is doing part of his practical, on the Mechanical Engineering side. His father went on to become a steam engineer, then drove some of the world′s most massive winding engines and eventually retired from Mt Isa Mines after supervising the shafts and winding operations for 15 years About to graduate in Science (majoring in Computer Science), no diploma yet in hand At about the time Walter was registered by the UK's Engineering Council as a Chartered Engineer At about the time Walter was elected a Chartered Fellow of the British Computer Society Not what "An Overview of the Cloud" usually brings to mind in this day & age. Walter in 2014 just below the summit of Mauna Kea, the highest mountain in Hawaii by the usual reference of altitude above sea level but also by base-to-peak the world's highest mountain from its base almost 6km below the sea. Although Hawaii is lush & green at sea level up here (around 4 vertical km) it is just too harsh for any vegetation - and visitors have only 60% of the oxygen they do at sea level.

Walter has now spent more than 20 years working exclusively with Oracle in which he is certified as both a Developer and a DBA.

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